What are McCain Regen Fries?
They are delicious fries made from regeneratively farmed potatoes - grown on The McCain Farms of the Future.
Here, we practice regenerative farming methods which build soil health, improve biodiversity, and enhance on-farm resilience to climate change.
Looks pretty normal right? But to really see how the Farms of the Future differs from a regular farm, we need to go underground…

Regenerative farming helps build soil health & improves biodiversity.

Our farm machinery is designed to be kinder to the soil. The treads on our tractors help distribute weight so we don't disturb the soil more than we need to.

Going easy on the soil gives crops more space, and improves biodiversity. Our farms are full of plants and animals that help with the farming process.

Bees help pollinate cover crops, cows provide fertilizer and worms help move nutrients and water around the soil.

"Get your hands dirty (virtually, of course) by growing and nurturing your very own crop of potatoes while you learn about Regen farming first hand."

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McCain has committed to reimagining ways to grow potatoes that are beneficial for both the planet and the communities in which it operates.

This is part of McCain’s global commitment to implement regenerative agricultural practices across 100 percent of its potato acreage worldwide by the end of 2030.

Click here or watch this video to learn more about Regenerative Farming and the McCain Farms of the Future program.